Weaponizing Outrage again

Here we go again: ‘Sustained and ongoing’ disinformation assault targets Dem presidential candidates (Politico).

Over a recent 30-day period, between 2 percent and 15 percent of all Twitter mentions of […] four [democrat] candidates emanated in some way from within that cluster of accounts, according to the Guardians.ai findings. In that time frame, all four candidates collectively had 6.8 million mentions on Twitter.

“We can conclusively state that a large group of suspicious accounts that were active in one of the largest influence operations of the 2018 cycle is now engaged in sustained and ongoing activity for the 2020 cycle,” Horvath said.

Politico: ‘Sustained and ongoing’ disinformation assault targets Dem presidential candidates

No one engaging in „Call Out Culture“ can be sure which side they play. Nothing is real.

I’m also not buying the consensus that bots play nil role in this. Yes, bots are overhyped, but they artificially pump up numbers (likes et al), which has impact on the perceived importance of any info-bit and THAT has impact. And at some meta-level this shit simply is not measurable anymore, so data science pretty much is as lost as everybody else. Welcome to our new dissolved reality.

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