Smarter Every Day: Twitter Platform Manipulation – (Part 1/3)

9. April 2019 11:57 | #Allgemein #Social Media #synch #Twitter

Destin Sandlin mit dem zweiten von drei Teilen über Diskurs-Manipulationen auf Twitter. Den ersten Teil hatte ich hier gebloggt. –>

What Destin gets absolutely right in this series, that all those shenanigans boil down to very basic psychological mechanism which have very few things to do with „privacy“ or „data security“, but all with fakery and fight’n’flight-psychology. What they are describing in the video above (hijacking small influencers to pump up your message to make it visible for big influencers) hasn’t changed in the last ten years, its right there in one of the first books about internet-manipulation „Trust me I’m lying“, where they played exactly the same game, but with blogs.

There’s a single moment you need to be looking for, the moment you’re looking for is a nudge! The nudge to think a negative thought against another group of people.

This is the battlefield of the mind, where the enemy hides behind civilians. And the enemy has the added advantage that when they are revealed as being an enemy, you basically start to distrust those around you, which was one of their goals to begin with. They’re trying to get you to not trust people in your own community.

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